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The Smart Art stream has come to answer the situation where the pace of events in the world is crazy, people are connected to the news, exposed to a constant stream of new information.

In accordance with the current situation, the artist chooses an event with the meaning of Ever Green in 30 years and describes in his work a contemporary conceptual idea, a painting that is connected to the present, it can be an event from the news, a contemporary social phenomenon or feeling, but also topical in the term of time.

The artist speaks through the painting.



I paint in the style of a new stream of art :

"The Smartart"

The pace of events in the world is crazy, people are exposed to a never-ending stream of new information.

In order for art to reach people, it is necessary through my art, to  speak to the viewer in the "a present language".

Guiding Principles

1. The artist speaks through his painting

2. The work topic is connected to the present. Like a news event, social phenomenon, or personal experience.

3. The painting is done in a figurative style with a surrealistic touch.


The goal of the Smartart stream is to reconnect the audience to plastic art by describing contemporary reality-linked events.

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