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2015-2016- Painting and oil painting in the "Hatachana"
               school by the artist David Nippo.

2009-2010-Studying drawing and color at the "Artists House" in Tel Aviv with the artist Rachel                       Shavit.

1974-1978 -BA in Economics and Mathematics, University of Haifa.

1974-1978 - Studying in the Open Classes of the Art
               Department, University of Haifa.


solo exhibition

2015 - Rift in Time - The Beit Halochem Gallery in Jerusalem.

2014 - Rift in Time - Beit Halochem Gallery, Tel Aviv.

2013 - Rift in Time - Beit Halochem Gallery, Haifa.

2012 - Second Round - Tal Stovik Gallery Ramat Gan.

2011 -  Escape to the Future - Beit Halochem Haifa.


Group Exhibitions

2021 -"Inspired by Doron Medley- American Zionust House2021

2021 - "Muses during isolation time - Beit Yad Labanim Gallery Ramat Gan

2021 - The exhibtion of this time - Ben Ami Gallery Tel Aviv.  

2019- "Green Art" - city Gallery of Hadera.

2019-  "Composition in 3 dimensions" - Holon Country Hall.

2018- "Tampreture" - Carpenter 2 Jaffa Port. Curator Adi Adar

2018- "A letter to Trump" - The Mann Auditorium of Netanya

2017 - "Identity" - The gallery at the Roman Square,               
          Damascus Gate, Jerusalem. At the invitation of the
           municipality in honor of Jerusalem Day celebrations.

2016 - "The herd Phenomenon" - The Gallery at the Opera
           House, Tel Aviv.

2016 - "The Herd Phenomenon" - The Gallery at Dizengoff

          Center, Tel Aviv.

2016 - "From trauma to harmony"- Amiad Gallery, Jaffa.

2015 - "Past Present Present" - Mémoire de L'Avenir, Paris.

2015 - "New York Stories" - Gallery at the ZOA House, Tel Aviv.

2014 -"Holocaust Remembrance for Good"- at the Tel Aviv

          High School A Gallery.

2013 -"Many Water" - The Jewish Agency-The Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

2013 -"Many Water" - The Jewish Agency, presented in 19 galleries in Jewish communities in the             United States.

2013 -"Fish looking at an angry cloud"- a secret art
         exhibition of Bank Leumi - at the gallery of the Tel Aviv International Bank.
2011 - "Fire and smoke"- a sign of salute to Israeli firefighters City of Katzir.

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