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man & machine

The machine and man has a complex relationships
I see the achievements of technology as an expression of the greatness of man's spirit. But the machine threatens the livelihood of the little man, as well as the freedom of every man.
It is a fear of a machine with a self contions that man creates with his own hands, and it may rise to his creator


 The Steward Stars"  

2019 . 120X90. oil on canvas    

Wonderful mutation in production.jpg

   "Wonderful mutation in production"  

2019 . 120X90. oil on canvas    

machines mature too.jpg

   "Machines mature too"  

2019 . 90X120. oil on canvas    


   "Honey making machines
oil on canvas/ 120X90 /2019"  


are we only machines.jpg

   "Are we only machinces"  

2019 . 60X80. oil on canvas    

1 m.jpg

   "Mixed couples"  

2019 . 60X60. oil on canvas    

2האם נצליח לפנח את הגנום האנושי.jpg

   "Can we crack the human genome"   

2019 . 120X90. oil on canvas    

4אני יכול לשמוע את פעימות ליבך.jpg

   "I can hear your artbeating"  

2018 . 70X100. oil on canvas    

בית חרושת ליצירות אמנות.jpg

   "Factory of art works"  

2017 . 70X100. oil on canvas    


   "A new race of judges"  

2017 . 70X100. oil on canvas    


   "A standard examination"  

2017 . 70X100. oil on canvas    

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